About The Farms Thatcham Butchers Use - Local Brittish Meat Suppliers

Torre Meadow

Dry-aged Beef from Middle England Local Aberdeen Angus and Hereford Steak and Rib Beef Selected from Middle England from R4L Heifers and Steers Certificated Rumps, Loins and Ribs aged on the bone are then further Dry-aged up to a maximum of 28 days -available on the bone, as primals, or broken down to Larder-trimmed Steaks- This process gives us the truly flavoursome, consistent and tender product that compares to “The Best of the Best” anywhere

Torre Meadow Cotswold Lamb

Local Charolais/Suffolk crossed Lamb R4L and similar grades with a weight range of 18-22kg-Grade A A Superb local Lamb, tender, tasty and consistent Availably whole, on the bone or as boneless cuts

Hampshire Game

Locally sourced Hampshire Venison and cuts available; Saddles Haunches and Diced Hampshire Pigeon Pigeon Breasts

Local Farms

Beef, Lamb and Pork sourced from local farms and markets through Mutchmeats in Witney, Collicuts, Cheltenham, Hellaby's in Reading. Specialising in Local products from the Cotswolds and surrounding countryside

Locally sourced from local markets and farms

English product sourced from the local area

Telmara Ducklings

Telmara Duckings have been producing the very best fresh ducks and geese for the wholesale and Restaurant trade for over 30 years. The birds are born on the farm in the rolling countryside of Northwest Essex. Here they are raised until slaughter-in a caring, natural environment, to ensure superb quality control, love and attention. This regime produces a beautiful tasty and tender product, whilst the location means we can keep the food miles to a minimum.