About Thatcham Butchers - an Online Retailer of locally sourced british meats

One of our specialists prepares your orderThatcham Butchers has built it’s name and reputation serving high class Restaurants and Hotels that have used us week in, week out for many years. The consistency of the product is aided by the fact that many of our Butchers have worked here for years, so our selection of incoming meat is very severe-the quality has to be right, or it won’t be accepted. The breaking-down, cutting and finish adds to the overall quality. Our standards are very high, and our trim levels are better than Supermarkets and most smaller Butchers shops.

Thatcham Butchers has served the catering trade for nearly twenty years now, and broke into the London Restaurant market when one of our Local Chef customers moved to the City, and begged us to deliver our meats to him. Since then, the trade and reputation has snowballed-we are supplying many top Hotel and Restaurant Groups in the Capital on a daily basis. So if you have been up to a show, it is likely that your pre-show meal may have originated here in Newbury. (For example-"Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" is next door to a good friend and customer "Kettners")!

The purpose of building this website is to offer our beautifully cut and finished product to the general public both locally and throughout the UK. You too can order and prepare in your own kitchen a top-quality product-and we know you will notice the difference, whether it’s the quality and cooking time of our diced meats, the non-shrinking sausages, or the taste, flavour and taste of our steaks.

We are proud of our history and provenance, and we have therefore spent a lot of time and effort building up our portfolio of brands as listed. We are therefore delighted to be able to offer, on a local and national basis, our superb range of real, quality meats for your delight and edification-at the click of a button-online-Enjoy!

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